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Ericsson is hiring an experienced Cash Collector & Credit Management at their Mumbai location. The Cash Collector is the main driver to contribute to Ericsson’s cash flow. The Cash Collector is continuously following up on the resolution of Account Receivable related issues/disputes with both internal stakeholders and the customer. Cash Collector is responsible for dealing with a customer at all levels and all domains within the customer organization (e.g. Finance, Commercial, SCC, etc.) on a regular basis. Cash Collector works with the CU team very closely and provides insight into customer internal processes and hindrances in cash flow if any.

The complete details of this job are as follows:

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Ideal Candidate should be able to:

Cashflow forecasting periodically on regular basis based customer insight as well as business information. Updating of Cashflow forecast in ERP and weekly update to Treasury team.

End to end responsibility to get realization of cashflow on customer invoicing through Letter of Credit.

Active involvement in customer/AR financing i.e. SOR, LC, LC discounting etc.

Execution of sales of receivables and interaction with treasury team

Regular meeting with clients at all level and domains to resolve the issues creating hinderance in cashflow

Close interaction with CU team for full business updates and customer insight on liquidity status

Initiate and document periodic review meetings on the critical issues related to cashflow or Account Receivables

Pro-actively analyze and support resolution of disputes to internal stakeholders as well as customer.

Close monitoring of Account Receivables, Unbilled AR, Deferred Revenue, Provision for doubtful debts, Advances from customer and customer financing so that active control could be set on working capital numbers of Ericsson

Active involvement in Statutory and Internal audits

Active Control over Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee to avoid any surprise hit on cashflow from Bankers and customer

Active Control over WHT certificates to set correct accounting of Account Receivables with Ericsson books

Close working with F&AO team and resolving the issues faced by them during interaction with customer

SOX compliance for Account Receivables and Provision for doubtful debts

Active involvement in Closure of Account Receivable books and reporting thereof

Advice to the Treasury & Credit manager on payment terms and credit limits for (new) customers.

Active involvement in Credit Management activities of CU

Active involvement with Market Area Credit Manager for resolution of issues related to Credit Management

Analysis of Credit block in system and support to credit management to release the blocks

To secure supplier certificates annexures – which required when the draw down utilization happened under EKN.

To perform reconciliation on segmentation per commodities and supplies. To reconcile the data which we have billed in the past vs SOR done.

To provide periodic reconciliation to EKN towards what have mentioned into supplementary agreement for local and imports supplies and services.

To perform PO/Contract reconciliation from cash collection points of view.


A degree in Business Administration, Finance or Certified Accountant

Financial Competence

Good English language skills oral and written and Must have good interpersonal skills.

Ability to communicate in the customer’s preferred language as well as an openness to and respect for other cultures.

Financial Competence and skills

Accounting skills

Analytical skills

Business Understanding

Ericsson Knowledge

Ericsson Business process

English Skills

Customer Insight

Fundamental leadership skills

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