Watch: IDEA Academy launches its Doctorate in Business Administration programme for 2024


Alexei De Bono, Chief Operations Officer of the IDEA Group, this morning launched the IDEA Academy Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) for 2024 at the Salini Resort, Salina Bay, to an audience of entrepreneurs, executives and prospective DBA students.

Commencing in April 2024, this shall be the second intake of DBA students at IDEA Academy.

Mr De Bono explained that the IDEA Academy Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is a Doctoral Journey intended for high level practitioners in leadership and/or management positions in various fields (e.g. business, education, finance, etc.), who have a particular interest in business innovation in general, or who are interested in embarking onto an academic career.

He said that the purpose of the DBA is to enable management practitioners to understand how research can be a real time contributor to business success and that knowledge generation can happen also outside of a pure academic setting.

Inquiry-based assessment approach and thesis-based  (monograph or compilation) DBA

It is a mini-studies and thesis-based DBA programme, with six weekend schools, over a 72-month period. 

Dr Nadia Maria Vassallo, Deputy Principal Academic Affairs | IDEA Academy , explained that a main characteristic of the DBA is that it provides students on the doctoral journey with an opportunity to apply theories and knowledge to improve professional practice.   Hence, through its taught component students are taken through experiences that help them develop the required skills to understand and use academic theory to drive a scientific inquiry into the nature and solution of an identified problem in the field.

3 main developmental phases

Dr Sonia Galea elaborated on the implementation of the DBA and highlighted 3 main phases.  The first phase is a taught stage taking the classical didactic approach accompanied by enhanced independent self-study and research. This is delivered during weekend schools that include face-to-face lectures, workshop activities promoting peer-to-peer learning, student-led presentations, discussions, and tutorials.  In the second phase, students will be mentored through the processes of selecting a specific area of research, defining a research gap, and formulating a research question as part of their individual research proposal, which will be carried through to Phase three of the DBA.  The third phase is more student-driven where research skills and scholarly writing, encompassing critical thinking, analysis and reflection, are put into practice and further enhanced with the support of assigned tutors, as students commence their research and write a Doctoral thesis.

The DBA team pointed out that the innovative approach drives toward developing ownership of learning, reflexivity and creativity while broadening perspectives, critical thinking, problem-solving and research. The building of a community of learning, through a blend of guided theory, independent study, team learning, and research in context, equips participants on this doctoral programme with the knowledge, research skills, competences, and attitudes required from forward-looking Administrators.

To this end, area specialization is given significant consideration. Doctoral students coming from diverse professions and disciplines go through their study journey together as a community of learning, but the flexibility in the programme design allows each one of them to focus their studies on the field of most interest to them.

Get 70% back via Tax Credit

Mr. De Bono said that support is also given through flexible, interest-free payment plans. IDEA Academy offers the possibility for students to pay in instalments or to design their own payment plan, completely interest-free. There are also schemes where one can get at least 70% of the course fees back. In the case of the DBA, students get 70% back via Tax Credit, on successful completion of the DBA – which amounts to €24,500 refund on this course. For more information visit Doctorate in Business Administration | IDEA Academy (


Part of the IDEA Group, in 2024 celebrating 20 years since its inception, IDEA Academy is a fully licensed academy offering more than 40 courses of accredited education programmes, from MQF Level 4 to MQF Level 8, at Doctorate, Masters, Bachelors, and Diploma levels along with bespoke corporate training.

Over the last three years, more than 800 students graduated from IDEA Academy.

For more information visit: IDEA Academy ( 





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